The Tom Ferry Podcast Experience

Challenges and Successes of a Top Real Estate Partnership

June 2, 2021

Catch today’s Tom Ferry Podcast Experience for conversation with Orlando Real Estate Partners and husband and wife team Renee & Jeff Funk to discuss how they built a business and how they support each other’s roles. 

Are you grateful for your mistakes? You can’t learn from experiences you aren’t having. You can build a strategy from your past experiences good and bad. Take what you have learned and turn it around into success. The lessons learned along the way are a gift. 

We also talk about how they analyzed, rearranged and shifted for continued success during Covid and how it affected their marketing strategies and the culture of their business. 

In this episode, we talk about:

8:05 – Recognizing the individual strengths in a business partnership
13:44 – The primary ways Jeff & Renee are generating leads
14:54 – Renee talks about “Going Micro”
15:44 – Video Testimonials Challenge
17:17 – Renee shares the next evolution of their marketing
29:30 – How Renee & Jeff are taking their video marketing to the next level in 2021
32:51 – Going from 10 to 20 salespeople
40:02 – Matchmaker or Road Warrior?
42:18 – Three things every agent should do to continue to be dominant

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